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Remote Beauty of the Westfield River

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Two upcoming Wild & Scenic Trail Workdays

Monday Nov. 11th we will be doing our annually “Tidying the East Branch Trail” and on Tuesday, November 19th we will continue the Unkamit’s Path segment on Gobble Mountain in Chester MA. Both days we will start at 10 am and wrap up around 2 pm.  Join us as we continue to support the work of the Highland Footpath in the Westfield River valley.

Call to register, for the meeting locations and so you can receive updates if things have to change due to weather. 413 623-2070 or westfieldriver@gmail.com

Remarkable River Potluck 2019

Thursday November 14th
Notchview Reservation
Windsor MA.
6:30pm. – 7:30pm Feasting
Slide show & sharing: 7:30 - 8:30pm.

Details posted here

2017 Annual Report Now Available

Looking for something fun to do? Come play on the river with us! Volunteer

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Over 78 miles of the Westfield River’s headwater tributaries and three major branches are designated as a National Wild & Scenic River. Here are just some of the reasons why the Westfield River is so special and what made it eligible for the National Wild & Scenic Designation: 

We work in partnership with local communities, municipal officials, conservation organizations and federal and state agencies to manage the river and maintain the health of the entire watershed for nearby and downstream communities.

Watch the latest Wild & Scenic Westfield River Videos:

Part 1 Housatonic River Walk with Russ Cohen: Hazelnut, Linden Tree (Basswood), and Common Elderberry.

Part 2 Housatonic Riverwalk with Russ Cohen  Spicebush, Flowering Raspberry & Ostrich Fern

Part 3 Housatonic River Walk with Russ Cohen: Staghorn Sumac, Black Birch and Chokecherry Trees.

Part 4 Housatonic River Walk with Russ Cohen: Invasives you can eat – Japanese Knotweed and Dame’s Rocket.

Part 5 Housatonic River Walk with Russ Cohen: Hackberry, Wild Mint, Black Walnut, Butternut & Pineapple Weed.

Westfield River Committee Volunteers Remove Invasive Plants | Connecting Point | Sept. 2, 2020

John Burns - Busy Beavers enhancing ecosystems & expanding biodiversity

Identify Multiflora Rose with John Burns

Wild & Scenic Interns remove Multiflora Rose

Westfield River Wild & Scenic Interns 2020 Barberry Removal

With Becket Conservation commission approval and six landowners on board, Wild & Scenic 2020 summer interns and I have been busy!!

We are clearing Multiflora Rose, Purple Loosestrife, Barberry, Glossy Buckthorn and Garlic Mustard from Center Pond Brook.

Future videos will explore the importance of protecting wetlands and beaver meadows with some tips for removing invasive plants, once you have conservation commission approval.

State Guidelines and Information